30+ Amazing Om Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

“Om” or “Aum” is an ancient sacred word or sound that holds a deep complex meaning in several cultures like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and many more. This word has great importance and is often recited or chanted before the beginning of any spiritual chanting, religious ceremonies, medication, etc. It refers to the connection of one’s soul with the universe, divine powers, cosmic powers, and supreme spirit. The sound vibrations of “om” or “aum” are believed to bring a positive impact on the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of a person. It helps the person to have the main focus on his/her spiritual realization. It is believed that the three letters of “Aum” are the symbols of the sacred trio. These three combinations include:

  • The three worlds; earth, space, and heaven
  • The three periods of time; past, present, and future
  • Trimurti; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
  • Roles of Trimurti; creation, preservation, and destruction
  • The three states of consciousness; waking, dreaming, and dreamless sleep

It must be noted that the correct pronunciation of “om” or “aum” is important to form a better connection with the divine powers. Chanting of this sacred word can be done during any time of the day but it must be recited with full devotion and dedication to bring the best results.

Meaning of Om Tattoo Designs

“Om” or “Aum” tattoo design has several different meanings as per different religions. One thing is for sure if you are looking for a unique tattoo with a spiritual touch, then getting the tattoo of om is one of the best options. Om or Aum tattoo has several meanings. Commonly, this tattoo symbolizes peace of mind and several people get this tattoo inked to symbolize inner peace and mental stability. It is believed that the placement of any tattoo especially one that has some spiritual connection like that of the “om” or “aum” tattoo is very important. So, before getting any spiritual tattoo, it is important to understand its history, meaning, and importance. In several cultures, it is said that getting the om tattoo on the feet or ankle is highly disrespectful and one should avoid getting it inked in such places. It is believed that getting the tattoo of “om” on any part of your body (except feet or ankle) is said to bring a lot of positive change in life. It brings a balance between the mental and physical health of a person, also said to bring good luck and abundance in life. Generally, this “om” tattoo is represented with the symbol “ॐ” and in this article, we have shown some of the most beautiful and unique designs of “om” tattoos along with their meanings. Read further to know the details.

Where Should You Get “Om” Tattoo Design?

For women

  • Wrists
  • Hands
  • Forearms
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Back

For men

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Neck
  • Back

List of “Om” Tattoo Designs

  • Tiny Om (ॐ) Tattoo on Neck

If you are looking for a tiny spiritual tattoo, then this”ॐ” is highly recommended because of its uniqueness and size. Om is often recited before the beginning and after the completion of any auspicious prayer and is said to be a combination of the spiritual and physical world. Generally, an “om” tattoo has various meanings in different cultures but usually, it refers to the connection with the divine world. Getting this tattoo on the neck is a great idea as according to various cultures, the placement of such a powerful symbol is very important.

  • Mandala Om (ॐ) Tattoo on Shoulder

A mandala is a unique design often made in a circular form by using various designs like circles, shapes, lines, patterns, etc. Though a mandala tattoo has several meanings as per different cultures and traditions generally, a mandala is the representation of the universe and the divine connection with the universe. It represents the divine powers and a journey of an individual to achieve all such powers. It is a highly sacred tattoo and is often linked with other spiritual tattoos like om. In the above-mentioned picture, a person has got inked a mandala tattoo with the symbol of om between it. This is a great idea if you are looking for a highly spiritual-themed tattoo.

  • Lotus Om Tattoo on Upper Back

In this tattoo, a beautiful lotus is inked on the upper back with the symbol of om in the center. This tattoo is a combination of both lotus and om tattoo that symbolizes growth, spiritual awakening, beauty, purity, and power. It also represents the Hindu goddess Lakshmi which is a symbol of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Not only this but it also symbolizes the union of mind, soul, and body with divine higher powers.

  • Lord Ganesha Om Tattoo on Forearm

In this above tattoo, a huge portrait of Lord Ganesha with an om symbol in the center is inked on the forearm. In Hindu culture, Lord Ganesha is the divine figure with an elephant head and human body. It is called the “Hindu God of New Beginnings” and is often prayed before the beginning of any auspicious ceremony or event. Getting such a tattoo is a symbol of growth, prosperity, wisdom, knowledge, and longevity.

  • Tibetan Om Tattoo on Arm

In Tibetan culture, the word “Om” holds a lot of spiritual importance. Getting the tattoo of a “Tibetan Om” symbolizes infinite growth, divine blessings, perfection, togetherness, and a spirit of enlightenment. You can get such a tattoo inked on any upper part of your body.

  • White Ink Om Tattoo on Wrist

A white ink tattoo is a unique form of tattoo unlike the traditional black-inked and colored ones. In this tattoo, the symbol of om is inked using white ink to give an overall delicate and realistic view. If you are not so fond of black or colored ink and want to give a unique look to your tattoo then this one is for you.

  • Om with Swastika Tattoo on Wrist

The swastika (卐) symbol is one of the most common and ancient spiritual symbols which is often used in various cultures like Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and many more. This symbol holds a very important place as it symbolizes good luck and protection from various inauspicious events. Many people opt to get the tattoo of the swastika symbol along with the symbol of om in the center which denotes the spiritual journey and protection. This tattoo is considered one of the most sacred and auspicious ones and is often inked by people on the upper parts of their bodies.

  • Red Ink Om Tattoo on Shoulder

The red color is a symbol of passion, sexuality, desires, love, war, courage, power, etc. In this tattoo, the wearer has chosen red ink for her Om tattoo to give it a unique look, unlike the traditional black ones.

  • Sun with Om Tattoo on Arm

The symbol of the sun is one of the most common types of tattoos which is usually inked by people that denotes shine, brightness, rebirth, new beginnings, blessings, positivity, and many more. In the above tattoo, the wearer got the symbol of Om between the sun tattoo which denotes spirituality, growth, development, good vibes, and transformation. Such types of tattoos are usually inked by people who are strong believers in spirituality and divine aspects of this world.

  • Om with KARMA Tattoo on Chest

In this tattoo, the wearer has got the tattoo of the symbol of Om tattoo on his chest along with the word “KARMA.” Karma is defined as the results of one’s actions whether they are bad or good. You can also add different words or quotations along with your Om tattoo to give it a unique look.

  • Om with Peacock Tattoo on Forearm

In Hindu culture, the peacock bird is considered one of the purest forms of birds and is often shown as the bird of protection and divine guidance. Getting a tattoo of the symbol “Om” with a peacock feather denotes spiritual awakening, good luck, growth, nobility, protection, success, and victory. In the above picture of the tattoo, the wearer has also got inked a flute along with the symbol of Om and a peacock feather. Mostly, a flute tattoo symbolizes Lord Krishna who is one of the Supreme deities in Hindu culture. Getting a tattoo of a flute denotes liberty, growth, freedom, spiritual growth, blessings, etc.

  • Om with Maori Tattoo on Arm

Maori tattoos are a unique form of tattoos which is originated in the history of New Zealand. Such tattoos were inked by Maori people who were known as the fighters and protectors of their identity, land, culture, history, and family. They used to get these tattoos as the symbol of their culture, status, identity, tribe, and family. Nowadays, several people love to get such tattoos inked on the various parts of their bodies. In the above-mentioned picture, the wearer has got inked a symbol of Om along with a Maori pattern tattoo that symbolizes power, protection, culture, courage, wisdom, and family rituals.

  • Om with Sunflower Tattoo on Leg

In the above-mentioned picture, a symbol of Om is inked in between a sunflower tattoo on the leg of the wearer. A sunflower tattoo signifies longevity, good luck, good charm, blessings, growth, and happiness. You can also add yellow color ink to your tattoo to give it a more beautiful and unique look.

  • Om with Eye Tattoo on Arm

This is one of the most amazing and unique forms of art in which an eye is inked in the center with the Om symbol and small dots are inked in form of a circular pattern on the arm of the wearer. Here, in this tattoo, the large eye in the center denotes the eye of the divine powers of God who is the ultimate protector and mentor of every person. It also symbolizes protection from various negativities and evil forces. You can get such forms of a tattoo on different parts of your body like arms, abdomen, back, etc.

  • Brush Pattern Om Tattoo on Back

Brush pattern tattoos are also one of the most trending and unique forms of tattoos in which the pattern is inked as if the sketch is made using the paintbrush. In the above picture, the wearer has got inked this beautiful form of art on his back to denote protection, guidance, blessings, and spiritual paths.

  • Lord Shiva with Om Tattoo on Arm

Lord Shiva is one of the Supreme deities in Hindu culture and is often prayed to seek divine blessings. He is known as the “Destroyer” in Trimurti which consists of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. It is believed that Lord Shiva is easily pleased by the pure devotions of his devotees. Getting a tattoo of Lord Shiva signifies the wearer’s faith in him. It also denotes guidance, blessings, protection, love, harmony, and divine blessings. For the such form of tattoo, you usually need a lot of space and it is preferred to get such tattoos inked on arms, chest, and back.

  • Tribal Om Tattoo on Arm

Tribal tattoos are a different form of tattoos that usually consists of various patterns and styles. Such tattoo is of great importance that represents the heritage, culture, background, strength, achievements, victory, power, courage, protection, and many more. In the above-mentioned picture, the symbol of Om is inked in a form of a tribal tattoo to give it a unique look. The above tattoo represents protection, victory, guidance, culture, and spiritual awakening.

  • Hamsa Om Tattoo on Arm

Hamsa is a very unique and beautiful form of artwork that is usually inked in a form of a palm with an eye in the center. It is a symbol of protection against the evil eye and evil demonic forces. In this tattoo, the symbol of Om is inked in between the hamsa pattern which symbolizes the spiritual protection of the wearer.

  • Wings with Om Tattoo on Chest

Wings tattoos are one of the most common forms of tattoos that represent freedom, new beginnings, guidance, growth, and many more. In this picture, the wearer has inked the symbol of Om in the center of wings to represent spiritual freedom, guidance, protection, and guardian angels.

  • Unalome Om Tattoo on Forearm

A unalome is one of the most common and meaningful symbols in Buddhist culture which presents the journey of a human towards the path of enlightenment. It represents how a person faces various ups and downs in life that lead to the journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. The symbol of Om with unalome tattoo is one of the most common forms of tattoos that are inked by various people all over the world. It represents the path towards spiritual growth and guidance.

  • Water Color Themed Tattoo on Arm

A watercolor form of tattoo is a usually colorful tattoo that is inked by using different colors of inks to give the tattoo a unique look in form of a painting. In the above-uploaded picture, a bold Om tattoo is inked over the red and blue shade watercolor theme to give it a unique and colorful look.

  • Bracelet Form Om Tattoo on Forearm

Bracelet forms of tattoos are one of the most popular forms of tattoos which are inked by using the single needle tattoo machine. In this, the tattoo is inked in form of a bracelet with the symbol of Om in it. The wearer has selected a red-colored ink for this tattoo and got it inked over the forearm. You can select any colored ink of your choice and can also get this tattoo inked in form of an anklet near your ankle.

  • Armband Om Tattoo on Forearm

An armband tattoo has several meanings in different cultures. Sometimes, such forms of tattoos are called the symbol of protection, bravery, growth, and victory while some state it as a symbol of gratitude, honor, and good wishes for the deceased someone. In this image, the wearer has inked an armband tattoo with the symbol of Om in the center.

  • Om with Flower Bouquet Tattoo

A flower bouquet symbolizes happiness, growth, loyalty, faithfulness, honor, strength, beauty, pleasure, and many more. It also represents commitment and gratitude toward God. Getting an Om tattoo with a flower bouquet represents spiritual growth and love.

  • Colorful Om Tattoo on Back

In this image, the wearer has got the symbol of Om inked on the back by using the different colored inks to give it a unique look in form of a rainbow. Such tattoos are symbols of growth and commitment.

  • Om with Heartbeat Tattoo on Forearm

In this tattoo, the wearer has decided to ink the symbol of Om with a tiny heart and heartbeat. Below this, the three words, ” FAITH, HOPE, and, LOVE” is inked in bold letters. In this tattoo, the symbol of Om defines faith in God and spirituality, the heartbeat represents hope for the good things, and the heart denotes love and passion. This is one of the most unique and different forms of tattoo which can be inked on any part of your body.

  • Mahakal Om Tattoo on Forearm

Mahakal refers to Lord Shiva who is known as the Supreme deity in Hindu culture and is worshipped all over the world. In this image of the tattoo, the picture of Lord Shiva is inked in form of the symbol of Om with the word, “Mahakala” inked below it. Such tattoos are symbols of spiritual growth, protection, Shiva’s blessings, and enlightenment.

  • Fox with Om Tattoo on Leg

Fox tattoos are symbols of cleverness, deceit, smartness, intelligence, etc. In this tattoo, the wearer has got inked the tattoo of the symbol of Om below a fox tattoo by using red and orange colored ink. You can choose from several other colored inks to give it a more beautiful look.

  • Buddha with Om Tattoo on Arm

Buddha refers to Gautama Buddha who was an ancient spiritual teacher and mentor of ancient India. He is the founder of Buddhism and has taught various people the various spiritual teachings that have helped people to follow the path of enlightenment. The symbol of Om with a Buddha tattoo is one of the most sacred forms of tattoo which symbolizes protection, power, patience, spiritual growth and focus.

  • Unique Om Tattoo on Hands

This is one of the most unique and trending forms of tattoos of the symbol of Om in which half of the tattoo is inked on one hand and another half on the other.

  • ॐ नम: शिवाय” Tattoo on Arm

In this tattoo, one of the most powerful and magical mantras of Lord Shiva is inked on the arm of the wearer. The mantra says, “ॐ नम: शिवाय” which denotes the prayer, honor, and devotion towards Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the Supreme deities in Hindu culture and is often prayed to all over the world. This is one of the most unique ways of getting the symbol of Om inked on your body. Apart from this, you can also get inked some other Hindu Vedic mantras on your body that includes the symbol of Om.

  • Om with Shivling Tattoo on Forearm

Shivling is an abstract form of Lord Shiva who is called the ultimate destroyer of all the elements in this world. In the above-mentioned tattoo, a shivling is inked with an Om symbol to represent spiritual growth, protection, guidance, blessings, and many more. You can get a such form of tattoos on any part of your upper body.


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